Theresa Sitto – 8/18

Today was an incredible day filled with the simple underlying motive of answering the call to help others heal.  A large team of Attending physicians, residents, pharmacists, medical students, nurses, translators from Barcelona Spain, Volunteers and more all joined their… Read More ›

Kellie Zawisa – 8/16

This morning we flew into Iquítos! How exciting to finally be here! The flight over the Amazon was absolutely beautiful! The city of Iquítos is much larger and more populated than I had expected. The streets are vibrantly colorful and… Read More ›

Emily Potter – 8/15

Today we were all given the incredibly privilege of touring the ancient ruins of Huaca Pucllana before eating one of the most spectacular meals of the trip thus far. We were able to learn the story of another ancient civilization… Read More ›