Live from Peru

Taran – 8/18

Today was our second day in the clinic in the city of Iquitos. I spent the morning in the radiology rotation learning how to use the ultrasound and collecting data for the ultrasound research projects; we screened patients for gallstones,… Read More ›

Randi – 8/18

Wow! What an amazing experience this has been so far! We spent the last 2 days in clinic and it has been so exciting and eye opening. The first day, I rotated in pediatrics and in family medicine and the… Read More ›

Ava Peera – 8/14

I have already fallen in love with Peru and it has only been 2 full days. The city of Lima is so culturally and ethnically diverse. I have especially enjoyed practicing my Spanish with the locals and learning more about… Read More ›

Theresa Sitto – 8/18

Today was an incredible day filled with the simple underlying motive of answering the call to help others heal.  A large team of Attending physicians, residents, pharmacists, medical students, nurses, translators from Barcelona Spain, Volunteers and more all joined their… Read More ›