Live from Peru

Mike Tobar – 8/23

Today we went on the canopy walk. I can’t explain how beautiful the Amazon Jungle is, with all of the various wildlife, insects, and animals. The clinic in Iquitos was hard work and nonstop, which was very rewarding because of… Read More ›

Alex Doubek – 8/19

My post today will be about gratitude. I have had a wonderful experience thus far on our trip and I know that I will become a better physician because of these experiences. The logistics of organizing 108 physician, students, and… Read More ›

Brianne – 8/20

Our clinics in Iquitos were even more awesome than I had imagined. I learned so much and I loved working with the people. All the attendings were so happy to teach. It was such a great opportunity to finally use… Read More ›