Research is an extremely important part of our trip. At the helm of this component are Dr. Willyerd and Dr. Shane Sargent.

Research highlights include:

  • We have published 89 abstracts to date
  • We have received nearly $30,000 in research grants
  • The most notable grant for 2015 has been awarded to Kayla Jelinek, who received a $5,000 grant for her ongoing work on HPV


  • We have had 90% participation in research over the last 5 years. Every student has the opportunity to participate and have their name in ongoing projects.  The students are either author, investigator or analyst.

In terms of continuity with the research program and developing future trip leaders, we are working with the medical scholars. The medical scholars are a group of students who are selected out of high school to attend MSU as an undergraduate. Under this program they are admitted to MSUCOM provided they maintain certain criteria. These students are selected during their sophomore year, and work with 2nd and 4th year medical students to learn how to develop proper research skills, find research articles, and write grant proposals. We currently have 5 medical scholars working on the trip. These students do not attend the trip until they are in medical school.

This year’s projects


Previous year’s projects


2017 Research Projects

2015 Research Projects

2014 Research Projects

2013 Research Projects

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