Dr. Gary Willyerd, D.O., FACOEP, FAODME

GW visiting Machu PicchuDr. Willyerd is a graduate of MSUCOM, Class of 1978.  Following graduation, Dr. Willyerd completed internship and residency training programs at Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital, Pontiac, MI and achieved American Osteopathic Association (AOA) board certification in Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Willyerd’s current position, effective July 1, 2008, is that of Associate Dean, MSUCOM/DMC.  Previous to this position, Dr. Willyerd served as the Director of Medical Education for eighteen years at the POH Medical Center, Pontiac, MI.  At POH he ran multiple residency programs with over 120 interns and residents, as well as organized and participated in thirteen medical missions to Guatemala with the interns/residents.  Dr. Willyerd continues to plan, organize and participate in annual Medical Service Electives for MSUCOM, taking students each year to Guatemala and Peru.

Dr. Willyerd has served as a Member and the Chair of the Governing Board for the Statewide Campus System of MSUCOM (SCS), a member of the SCS Finance Committee, a member of the SCS Bylaws Committee, and the MSUCOM Curriculum Committee.

Dr. Willyerd also served as the President of the Association of Directors and Medical Educators (AODME) and the Chair of the AOA’s Internship Evaluating Committee.  He is currently a member of the AOA’s Council of Osteopathic Training Institutions and Board Member/Treasurer of DOCARE, Intl., a medical outreach organization founded by osteopathic physicians dedicated to providing needed healthcare to indigent and isolated people in remote areas around the world.

Dr. Willyerd received his fellowship award from the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians (ACOEP) in November, 1985, and from AODME in May, 1998.  Other awards received include the AODME’s “Leadership Award”; the Michael Opipari, D.O., Distinguished Service Award from the Statewide Campus System of MSUCOM; and he received the title of “Distinguished Fellow” from ACOEP in 2009.

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  1. Hello Dr. Willyerd, my name is Sara Roth and I am 2001 MSU-COM graduate, I currently go to Dominican Republic in October yearly to provide a medical and surgical clinic in Samana. I have an interest in trying to do the same type of clinic in Peru. My family is from Peru, my dad from Chiclayo. My goal would be if possible travel there yearly to provide medical care. Can you help me try to set something like this up or share some contact information. When we go to DR we buy medications for treatment of parasites,hypertension, diabetes. We also take multivitamins for infants,toddlers,adults and expecting mothers. It took us a couple of years to try establish what medications we could bring that would make a difference. We offer 1 year supply of the medications when treating the chronic diseases. I am also trying to contact some of my dads cousins that live in Peru to see if they have any contacts that can help. The biggest hurdle that I foresee is getting the medications into Peru or getting a local pharmacy in Peru that would be willing to sell us medications at cost or reasonable price. The second biggest hurdle would be a place to be able to set up the clinic. I look forward to hearing from you and your group. Thank you for what you do for the people of Peru. Sara:)

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