Randi Weltzin – 8/24

Today was our last day at Ceiba Tops and I’m so sad to be heading home tomorrow. This place is beyond amazing. I have spent the last few days just in awe of everything that has happened. There have been moments where I simply can’t stop smiling. After all of the adventure in the past couple of days (including bird watching, working in clinic, visiting the Yagua native tribe, holding a sloth, and climbing bridges over the canopy of the rainforest), I decided to stay back at the hotel today and relax while my everyone else went piranha fishing. Sitting in a hammock with a book was a perfect way to just soak up the amazingness that this place is! But even better than that was our trip today to monkey island!!! We were able to hang out with dozens of monkeys! There were many different types and they were all climbing around on us and jumping from tree to person to person. It was so much fun!! I honestly can’t believe some of the amazing things I’ve seen and done during my time here. But what’s even better is that we have helped thousands of patients in our clinic the past 2 weeks. I am so proud of every one of the students that was on this trip and I can’t wait to see the astounding physicians they become.

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