Jordan Place – 8/22

After arriving to Cieba Tops yesterday and spending the afternoon running clinic aboard the Amazon Queen, today was spent splitting our team into two groups – one spending the day in clinic and the other on a canopy walk through the rainforest. I was part of the second group. The entire hike took almost 3 hours, starting out as a walk through the forest where we learned about various plants and wildlife (including a capybara named Charlie). We traveled across 15 or so rope bridges that took us up to 118 feet – the views were breathtaking! After completing our tour of the canopy, we visited a local shaman (natural medicine man) who gave a presentation on the various medicinal benefits of rainforest plants. We then attended a cultural presentation by local villagers who taught us the art of extracting fibers from palm trees for weaving as well as a demonstration of blow dart guns. Today was a refreshing break from the work we have been doing in clinic, but I am excited for my last day of clinic tomorrow morning!


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