Alice Doong – 8/25

Today was our last day and the beginning of our travel home. In the morning, we got up in the morning to take speedboats from our lodge in the Amazon to Iquitos, and from there, a flight to Lima. Because of the long layover in Lima, we were able to drop off our luggage at a hotel and take a bus into the city to do some last minute souvenir shopping to spend our remaining soles. Our flight back to the States is later at 1 am. This trip has been an amazing experience, and a great way to learn about the problems that many people with limited healthcare access face on a daily basis. I also got to make so many new friendships and it was great getting to know my fellow classmates better. Although I am excited to go home, I know we made many memories here in the past two weeks and this has been once in a lifetime opportunity.

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