Randi – 8/18

Wow! What an amazing experience this has been so far! We spent the last 2 days in clinic and it has been so exciting and eye opening. The first day, I rotated in pediatrics and in family medicine and the second day I spent in podiatry and family med/pediatrics again. I was pretty much just thrown in. I had no idea what to expect. The doctors just started saying “okay, go see the next patient” and I was pretty much on my own. This was amazing!! Just a week ago I had seen a total of 2 patients and they were actors. Now I’ve seen dozens and have had to take histories (some translating into spanish myself – I’m still pretty rusty and mess up ALL the time), do physical exams, and help decide on diagnoses and proper treatment plans. By the end of podiatry I feel extremely confident in assessing, diagnosing, and treating plantar fasciitis. I did 4 steroid injections for it yesterday and that wasn’t even the majority of the injections done in the morning. I also was able to diagnose several gastrointestinal issues, which made me feel like I was actually retaining some information from school! I think I’m also finally getting a hang of all of this multitasking and having so much responsibility. I can tell that by the end of this trip I will be miles beyond where I was at the beginning and more prepared for my rotations in the hospitals back in the US. 

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