Theresa Sitto – 8/18

Today was an incredible day filled with the simple underlying motive of answering the call to help others heal.  A large team of Attending physicians, residents, pharmacists, medical students, nurses, translators from Barcelona Spain, Volunteers and more all joined their talents and gifts together and united to treat these most inspirational citizens of Peru.  They taught me a lot.   They showed me that with the little that they have in medical care and necessities that they are still able to smile and enjoy life – they taught me resilience and love. Truly they are our teachers and they are healing us to detach from a world of material things and center on what is true – which is life and love and health.  These wonderful teachers, will forever be embedded upon my heart.

Today I had the opportunity to work with the pediatric population and the obstetric/gynecological population and it was truly incredible. As a person who is very sensitive to the heat – the smiles of my patients, their hugs of gratitude and their true depth of love for us was incredible and it didn’t matter how hot it was. The gifts they have given me cannot be lost or broken.

What an incredible day!!

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