The 2017 trip

A quick note on this year’s trip.

The 2017 trip marks our TENTH ANNIVERSARY. WOW. That is quite an accomplishment, and I could not be more proud to have been a part of this amazing experience. I first traveled to Peru in 2013 as a second year medical student. Sadly, I have not been able to return yet, but I have been able to participate in other ways. I have helped organize and design this website for almost 5 years now, and I continue to be amazed by the outpouring from our students, doctors, and donors. It is inspiring to see the sacrifices our team makes, and the generosity of all those involved.

We have been traveling to Peru for 10 years now, and the trip continues to evolve and grow. We’ve expanded our working area, our specialist coverage, and our number of participants. We continue to provide much needed medical supplies, and those numbers grow annually too. Thank you to our doctors, students, and volunteers. And thank you to our donors. None of this would be possible without you.

This year we have over 100 people participating in the trip. From physicians to residents, medical students, nurses and volunteers. That’s A LOT of people donating their time and knowledge. A big round of applause to these incredibly special people.

Please continue your support of our team while they are in country. You can read all of our daily blog updates right here on this page. Please comment and share your love and stories. I know our students like to know their family and friends are following every step of the journey with them.

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  1. Ray, Joe, Others,
    Good luck, be safe, bring good health to those in need and enjoy the mission trip.
    We will be following.
    Your friends up in Traverse City.
    Tom Petzold
    Rotary Club of Traverse City

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