To the Amazon – Mike

Iquitos was an incredible stay, but it was time to head to the Amazon and Ceiba Tops.  It’s a unique resort in the middle of the rainforest.  Once we our luggage to our rooms, we all re-boarded the Amazon Queen and traveled up the river to a small village to see patients.  Taylor and I continued to work on his water filters during the boat rides, which proved to be some labor-intensive work.  I worked with Dr. Reidy where we saw a variety of patients, many of which were dehydrated.  I experienced my first child that was difficult to examine because she was in such discomfort.  I felt bad to be the source of her fear, but knew that I needed to examine her to truly help her and make a difference in her treatment.  She was so dehydrated from what we thought was a viral illness that her extremities were significantly cooler than her torso, and Dr. Reidy explained the physiology of this phenomenon.  After we saw the patients, we got the opportunity to get off the boat and check out the village, which was beautiful in an unconventional way.  Everything was so simple but the people seemed happy and appreciated us being there.  On the outskirts of the village, we stopped at a point where you could see the river and the land was completely untouched.  Everything was still and it was a moment I won’t forget.  I also thought about how in America we work all day to make money so that we can buy food and fix our house, but many of these people make food and fix their house for work.  At the end of the day, we do the same thing in different ways.

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