Exposure to new fields – Dominick

Day 8 (08/07/2016) – ENT/Radiology

Thus far, I have had no exposure to specialties other than the ones that are considered primary care. Today, I was lucky enough to work with Dr. Madgy and Dr. Deering. Dr. Madgy taught me some very useful physical exam skills when looking at the patients’ ears, nose and throat. While working with him, I saw unusual findings in the tympanic membrane, in the nares and in the oropharynx. Although I mostly treated allergic rhinitis, I was able to describe my findings more accurately and able to make sense of it for another doc.

With Dr. Deering, I got my first exposure to radiology that was not being performed on myself. He first showed me this Doppler instrument and its application to blood flow, which was probably the coolest intro to the field. We got a couple of Chest X-rays on patients and I got to see fibroids via ultrasound. I got to see how westernized medicine is applied to patients of Iquitos that were unable to know their problems and conditions because of lack of radiologic resources and instruments.

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