Surprise typhoon – Rebecca

Aug 7
Another day in paradise at the clinic. People in Michigan think our summers are hot and humid… Please come down to the Amazon and experience this. It is SO HOT. But I digress. I started off the day doing family medicine with Dr. Flanders. I had a great time! Utilizing my Spanish degree, I was able to speak with the patients directly. We had a lot of interesting cases. Dr. Flanders and I had a patient who we suspected had gallstones, and we were able to confirm our diagnosis with an ultrasound. Having just finished our GI unit in July, it’s been so rewarding to put what we have been learning into action!
After clinic, a few of us walked around Iquitos. The streets are crazy here. I have seen maybe one car, and every other vehicle is a “tuk tuk” or a motorcycle. There is definitely a little less organization than our streets in the US. The square nearby our hotel and the boardwalk on the river are always so crowded. While we were walking around, we saw some dark clouds rolling in, but we didn’t think anything of it. We heard some thunder, but none of the locals seemed to be concerned so we kept walking. Almost out of nowhere, a huge typhoon caliber wind came through with some rain. We made our way to some shelter, but still none of the locals even bothered moving. Respect.

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