Clinic day 3 – Tamara

I was well enough for clinic today and first up for me was pediatrics. I was a little apprehensive at first because  it was my first patient room where I really had to take and HPI and do an exam (plus kids aren’t exactly the easiest patients), but Dr. Justin was great at showing me how she used stickers to calm the kids down, and let me use my stethoscope to check cardiopulmonary function after her.  After hearing so many “normal” heart and lung findings, it was kind of shocking to actually hear wheezing and rhonchi so clearly. Once I felt comfortable with taking HPI mostly on my own, Dr. Justin let me work up the patients in for a normal checkup.
After a sweaty lunch, my next room was neurology with Dr. Miulli.   This section was pretty different from the other rooms I had been in because we only saw a couple patients for the entire shift.  Our last patient of the day was a woman who came in with cervical pain problems. Dr. Miulli had me do a little OMT on her to try to relieve the pressure at the OA joint.  It turned out she also had uncontrolled DM, which affected what type of meds Dr. Miulli was able to treat her pain with so there was an additional scramble to find meds to control her DM  that she would be able to find and afford long term.  of all the patients I’ve met so far, her pain resonated with me the most.  The physical aspect struck me hard when she started crying during her treatment due to the pain, but her worry about not being able to afford meds to manage DM also made me realize how many of our patients may also be in the same situation where they may not be able to afford long term treatment after our meds run out.

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