Clinic days – Bernat

Another day at the clinic where we got to help patients communicate with doctors. I worked with General Medicine and X-rays. There were hundreds of people who needed care and we got to help many of them.

Andrew, my roommate and I woke up at around 6:20 a.m. due to the fact that we had to meet with the group at the hotels restaurant at 6:45 a.m. We got ready, dressed up in our ASB blue shirts and met with the group downstairs. Our bus to the hospital of Santa Rosa left at 7:30 a.m. so we had plenty of time to have a good breakfast and get enough energy for the rest of the day. The whole group already knew it was going to be a long day since it was our second day at the hospital and we already knew how everything worked.

When we finished our breakfast we headed to the bus and met with the doctors from Michigan State (MSU). This time I felt more open with all the doctors and students due that I had worked with them the day before. They knew us, knew we were contributing, and we all,  including the medical students,  grew more confident. After reviewing new words or words that we heard and we had to translate we got to the hospital.

The doctors told me they needed someone at the Private Examination room so I went there for the first four hours, the entire morning. There I was going to work with Dr. Richard and Dr. Rebekah, they were very kind with me and very respectful too. The medication that we gave out the most was the vitamins, which seemed to be necessary for every patient. They are also keen on them. Most of the patients had headaches or stomach pain, so we measured their blood pressure, checked their lungs and heart, and checked their eyesight. Many of them had not seen a doctor in years.M we able to help most of the patients that came to my room, except for two. One patient had her body very swelled up so we had to take her to a hospital in Lima for her to be treated in the best conditions possible. Another had the left side of his face paralyzed so we took him to neurosurgery and from there they examined him and the doctors figured out what happened to him.

After that we had lunch, which was great and it was Mike’s (a second year medical student from MSU) birthday so we all got some cake. We sang happy birthday in English and Spanish.

After lunch lots of translators that were volunteers left the hospital and we ASB students had to interpret for more than one doctor concurrently.. I was taken to General medicine with Dr. Srikala and Dr. Sydney, but I also had to help with the x-ray room where Dr. Deering and Dr. Bernnett treated patients. Most of the patients who got x-rays had broken bones. Sadly, there  was a patient whose X-rays suggested had lung cancer and we arranged for her to be taken to a bigger hospital. The lack of demand for x-rays allowed me to focus in General Medicine where I got to  see lots of different diseases and medications that I had never seen.

At night we went to eat at a restaurant that was in the middle of a river that is a tributary to the Amazon River. There we could talk about the experiences we had during the day and meet all the other doctors we did not know yet. It was a long but very productive day.

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  1. So proud of Doctor Rebekah and all of you. We need more of this kind of love in the world. Hi Dr. Hudson love you Dad.

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