“Like an island” – George

August 4th 2016

Today we traveled to Iquitos. It was a dramatic shift from the somewhat Americanized city of Lima to more of what i was expecting during this trip. What I thought was interesting was that Iquitos and Lima are not connected by any roads. So the only way to reach Iquitos from Lima is by plane. Due to this as the mayor said Iquitos is like an island. We were able to go to the clinic to set up and unpack all our medications and supplies. Once again like every other hospital we’ve seen here it was an outdoor courtyard style. A style that would never work in Michigan. Although there were no patients I could imagine the chaos that is to occur the next morning.  I started to get excited about the things we are going to see and the people we are going to help. For dinner we were invited to have a meal with the mayor. We were welcomed with a show of dancing and great food. The mayor seemed very grateful to have us here and to get invited by the mayor for dinner meant we were really making a difference. Overall today was a travel day and getting ready for finally getting into the clinic and getting our hands dirty.
-George Park

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