Clinic Day 1 – Emily

“First day of clinic on my first medical mission trip. We all stepped off the bus to a line of patients a couple of blocks long. We walked into work surrounded by the people of Iquitos, pointing cameras at us with live music playing in the background. It was 7:30 am and already hot, and I wondered how long these patients had already been waiting. Everyone greeted us with smiles, happy that we were all there to help them. Quickly into my first patient I realized that my two years of Spanish in high school, ten years ago, wasn’t nearly enough to understand most of what he was saying. I was glad to have the translators standing with us. My first rotation was OMM, but many of these patients had additional ailments we needed to treat. I hadn’t practiced a ton of OMM over the past year, but was surprised how many of the techniques I remembered. My afternoon was spent in dermatology. Aside from a handful of diagnoses, I haven’t had much dermatology exposure in clinics at home, so it was nice to see and learn about a variety of skin conditions today. At the end of the day, I felt grateful to be here sharing this experience with the students and doctors around me. I’m excited for whatever may happen on day two of clinic and looking forward to helping treat these patients.”

Emily Prevo, OMS IV

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