Peruvian Medical Education – Taran

Wow. What a day. Today we had the privilege of touring the oldest medical school in Peru – La Faculdad de Medicina “San Fernando”. We heard some great presentations about the history of the school, the current state of public health in Peru, and we learned the ins and outs of medical education in Peru. We had the opportunity to tour the Botanical Gardens at their campus. The gardens are unique in the sense that they are used as a “live laboratory” for students who attended the school. Additionally, each plant is catalogued by its species, appearance, and it’s medicinal uses (almost every plant in the garden had some medicinal use). The highlight of my day was giving a presentation in Spanish to the faculty and students at San Fernando. The student-led presentation was interactive and explained the benefits of OMT and explained the osteopathic approach to patient care. The faculty and students were extremely receptive to the lecture content and had the opportunity to be treated using OMM. Some of the Peruvian medical students even said they’d be interested in doing a rotation with us here in Peru next August. So far this has been an incredible, eye-opening journey and I am looking forward to what the future holds for us.

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