Peruvian Hospital Tour

Today we visited the public hospital. It was pretty loco! We started off with a sweet  presentation of a GI case that was beautifully translated by none other that my roommate David Purdue. Can your roommate translate? I didn’t think so….It was pretty clutch that it was a GI case, too, since we just conquered that beast last semester. We saw the patient in the general area of the hospital, where we learned about how patients were taken care of, how far they have to be transported, and the limitations of the facilities, labs, imaging, and other resources. We then continued our tour, passing by pediatrics, nephrology, cardiology, nursing and many other branches of the hospital. We then arrived at the ER where people were getting dropped off by taxi. The most common way to get to the ER is by taxi, since ambulances are too expensive without insurance. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be for a suffering patient when they might not even be able to make it through traffic. We learned that traffic was pretty brutal last night when we were completely stopped for 10 green lights (not an exaggeration, George counted). Once we got in the ER we experienced the unfortunate conditions. Patients were lined up in the hallway and they had a shared TB/HIV section that was blocked off by just a curtain. It is always a humbling experience to see these conditions. The resident who took us on the ER tour was a really cool dude, which is probably why Colleen fell in love with him. Colleen went in for a handshake, but the chico  had moves and went straight for a cheek kiss. It was love at first sight, and also a good experience with cultural differences in conversation exits. Back at the hotel, starvation kicked in, so we went with some authentic Peruvian food at this awesome restaurant called Pizza Hut. The senorita at the register said our pizza came with 8 toppings, but we figured that was a translation issue and went with 3 due to fear of overchage. For the record, Sam wanted to get all 8, but Mike Wilk made it more reasonable with just 3. We went to the Lima ruins and saw some fat tongue, spitting llamas. Then we had  an amazing dinner, where I learned the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork courtesy of Crystal Ajja.

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