Peds hospital – Crystal

Today we were split into two groups, and I was in the group that visited the pediatric hospital. It was really eye opening to see how short of resources these people were. People would be treated, but then would have to go back to living on cardboard in the streets. There were children on hemodialysis three times a week, but the transplant program just started. The positives were that I got to see a good deal of what I learned about in my classes though, including some diseases from cardio (which I will be taking in the fall). It’s helpful to be able to see these things in person. Unfortunately, they were all sweet children that had these ailments. We did pass out stickers to the kids. One child put a sticker on each of his cheeks, and on his forehead. He was quite excited. It was a good start to the fancy dinner and tour we are going to have tonight. The place was called huaca pucllana, and the history and structure of the temple was impeccable. The food was too fancy for me to figure out what it was in both Spanish and English, but I enjoyed it.

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