OMM in Peru – Mike

This eventful day began with an early wake up call and final preparation for our OPP’s presentation this afternoon at the medical school. We began by touring the medical school campus, which was filled with unique architecture and included an expansive historical collection. We saw the anatomy lab in which bodies who are not claimed by a family are given to the medical school for educational purposes. We listened to a presentation about the college’s botanical gardens and got a guided tour of the garden. Each species is labeled by country of origin and medical utility, and many were exclusively found in places other than North America. After lunch we attended lectures about the Peruvian healthcare system and the medical college. Finally, my group gave our OMM presentation to some physicians, students, and faculty who were very interested and engaged. I was able to treat a handful of patients within the context of a language barrier, which was a great learning experience. I believe that sometimes we lose sight of how important body language is in practice when we rely exclusively on verbal descriptions of pain and dysfunction. In this field we are a product of our preparation, and I am proud of how my group prepared today to accomplish our objective of bringing interest in Osteopathy and OMM to Peruvian medical professionals and students. My favorite part of today was interacting with and helping the people we met at the presentation, and I was most surprised by the poverty in the area surrounding the hospital. It is a humbling experience to come halfway around the world and be automatically respected because of the education that I was lucky enough to receive. I’m excited to see what other experiences we will have throughout the trip.

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