Can’t even compare – Dominick

Waking up this morning wasn’t as tough as the previous days and I finally enjoyed some breakfast courtesy of Ibis Hotel. Right after breakfast, I was fortunate enough to check out the main pediatric hospital of Lima and for someone who has not been abroad, it was eye-opening. It is simply futile to compare the hospital’s resources to one from the US and the wait times to see physicians were longer than I could imagine. I was hurt and could only pray for these kids, but was empowered by the physicians of the hospital that made an endless effort to help these children and their families. We were shown around the hospital by a very passionate cardiovascular surgeon and all the employees seemed to be in joy when in her presence. She definitely helped rekindle my aspirations to becoming a physician.

After the hospital, I get back to the hotel and decide to go explore for soccer jerseys, as I knew I could find a cheaper one in Lima than in the states. I go with my roommate, Scott, and Laura, George and Mythree to the Inka Market, to watch them bargain for three jerseys. I settled early and got one for myself and my girlfriend. Lastly, I ended my night with the attending physicians, fellows, residents and classmates at Huaca Pucllana, which is a restored ancient civilization. We were given a lovely tour and I gained a better understanding of the ancient Mayan traditions. We ate at the attached restaurant, which served as a great ending for the last night in Lima.

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