Free day – Tiana

Today was our free day in Lima and it’s been really nice so far. We woke up, grabbed a quick hotel breakfast, and set out to explore a little bit of the city. The weather was my perfect weather: 60s and overcast but still beautiful! Our hotel is only a few blocks away from the beach so we headed that way first. I definitely wasn’t planning on swimming (I actually went to the beach in a pair of jeans and sneakers) but the water looked and felt too nice not to. We ended up changing into our swimsuits and going into the water. It was way too cold for me to go in all the way but it was nice all the same. Then we explored the surrounding parks and walkways which featured a lot of interesting art. The view of the beach has definitely been my favorite part of Lima. The road is quite a bit higher than sea level, so you have to walk downstairs to get to the beach but standing at the top gives you the best view! There is a mall that is set into the cliffside with multiple levels all facing the water, so we ate dinner at a restaurant there with a patio overlooking the shoreline while people paraglided overhead. I had no idea what I ordered, but it ended up being really good!

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