Don’t drink the water. . .or ice cubes – Sam

Today was a great way to kick off the trip. We all finally got to get some z’s after an incredibly long day of travel and delays.
   We popped out of bed and rushed downstairs to get breakfast and figure out the plan for the day. Everyone decided that exploration was the way to go. We made it down to the beach (after a much needed cerveza) and walked the coast. We all decided that jumping in the cold water would be a good idea… And it turned out to be an AMAZING idea. The waves were powerful but the pictures were worth the sandpaper feeling when we got tossed. Then we decided to go grab lunch and relax. After lunch, most people took a power nap so we rally for the nights adventures. Then, at dinner, I made a huge mistake of having s drink with ice cubes in it…. There hopefully will be no more to come for this story but if there is, I’m sure it will be blogged. Adios!!

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