Orgullosamente Spartan – Andrea

 We went to the loyoza hospital today for a tour and rounds of the internal medicine ward. I was very impressed by the quality of care that is provided by the doctors and staff to the patients. As soon as we walked into the wards we noticed the differences in the way medicine is practiced here: lack of dependence in technology as USA, doctor-patient interaction, and the diseases we see here.

The Peruvian hospital does not depend on technology as much as we do in USA. They do not have continuous digital vital signs monitoring that we have in the USA and instead they record the in on paper in metal clip boards that hang on the patients foot rail.

    The doctor-patient interaction was similar and yet different at the same time. We had the wonderful opportunity to go on rounds with one of the internal medicine attendings and two Peruvian medical students who presented the patients. It was similar to the USA in terms of the patient presentation and going from patient to patient with the team and the doctor showing us the imaging, teaching us about the disease, and “pimping” here and there.

    The diseases that we see herr in Peru are also quite different than the ones we see in USA. Some of the cases are endemic to Peru while others are just untreated complications of diseases also found in USA, but are treated before they can get to the point of no return. We got to see a case of autoimmune pemphigus, tibial tuberculosis, a child with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy who will be receiving a heart transplant in Argentina soon. All 3 of the cases I feel like I would have not gotten to see in the USA during my clinical rotations.

In conclusion, the hospital experience in Peru has some stark differences yet also has similarities. I am excited to see the patients in the Peruvian clinic!!

Orgullosamente Spartan 😉

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