Bring it on – Jose

Its about damn time. No more meetings. No more fundraising.  We finally get to walk the walk and experience ( for better or for worse) what we initially set out to do. I’ve learned a few things during this trip’s preparation, principally among them are: 1) I need to check my email more often, and 2) All of the headaches and moments of frustration were all vindicated the moment I set foot on the airplane and that feeling of adventure washed over me. This is how Frodo must have felt like when he decided to go in his great adventure (nerd off). I suspect many of my colleagues feel the same as I do.

I have a good idea  of what to expect upon arriving in Peru ( or at least I think I do). Crushing poverty with pockets of affluence. Great and ancient culture. Amazing food. Pungent smells. Tantalizing aromas. Beautiful landscapes (despite not being able to visit Machu Picchu). Depressing, grey ghettos. Sadness. Heartbreak. More poverty. HOPE; although our efforts are small in the grand scheme of things, we will at least be doing something worth doing for those who are ignored the most.

OK! so I must admit that after landing in Ft. Lauderdale an overwhelming feeling to rent a car and just go home came over me. I haven’t seen my family in 8 months and no matter how tough I think I am, I miss my mom more than ever. Oh well, a couple of Cuban coffees and a “pastelito” with Terek and Ray gave me enough of a taste of home to hold me over for the next two weeks. Do your best/worse Peru.

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