Back in my happy place – Tess

Well, I am back in my Happy Place, The Amazon.  The flight from Lima was used to write my first draft of my personal statement and the boat ride from Iquitos to Ceiba Tops Resort was used to finish it.  Feeling very productive at this moment.  The Amazon Queen is truly a sea worthy vessel and carried us without complications to our destination.

Our first day of Amazonian clinic was this afternoon.  The people of the Amazon are so polite.  Even as I looked at the bench full of people waiting to be seen and asked “Qui es proximo?” (my broken Spanish version of “who is next”) They each looked at each other so as not to jump the line in front of someone else.  This was a major change from the more aggressive patient population in Iquitos, which is still much more patient than we are at home.

The sites are almost as beautiful as the people.  I am grateful and happy to be back.

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