Advice from a shaman – Cindy

Today was our first day off since we arrived at Iquitos. All the second years went to the Canopy Walk in the morning, followed by a visit to the shaman and a rum distillery.

The most striking part of the day trip for me was the shaman visit. During my time working at Eli Lilly, I had learned a lot about the amazonian rain forest, and how much it has contributed already to the R&D program at Lilly. I was excited to hear about all the plants the shaman talked about, and couldn’t stop thinking about how the plants he talked about could help tons of people back at home as well. It really emphasized how important it is to preserve the rain forest; not only because it’s a unique part of nature, but also because of all the potentially undiscovered organisms just hiding in the forest somewhere, ready to be discovered and save millions of lives.

I have really fallen in love with the rain forest here, and am now looking forward to coming back again to visit in the near future.

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