Clinic Day 3 – Brian McParland

Here we go!! Day 3 of clinic and I was ready for some more action after what I saw yesterday. I was placed in the General Medicine section all day which was really interesting. I was helping with the glaucoma research project and then taking any extra patients that came through the Gen. Med section. Dr. Hilst was the attending physician I was working with and she was great! She was always ready to teach and allowed me to do some small procedures. We worked though some problems with a catheter despite not having any of the proper supplies to do so, we did an abdominal x-ray of a patient that was having some chronic abdominal pain, and I was able to diagnose several patients with glaucoma. It felt really good being able to take a history and physical on my own, present the case to the attending and learn how to work through the differential and decide the next step. The experience I had today was absolutely incredible and was exactly the push I needed to keep focused in school. Seeing so many different chronic conditions in so many young people is very sad, but I am glad we are here and able to help as many as we can. Every day there are so many people waiting for us, I don?t know how we can possible help everyone, but we will work together to make this happen!

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