Clinic Day 2 – Cindy Ge

Today was day 2 of clinic, and I’ve been loving absolutely every minute of it since yesterday. I was in general medicine all day.

Even though I didn’t have any particularly “cool” cases today, one specific patient really stuck with me. I was with a male attending when we were called to evaluate an acutely ill patient who had been vomiting in the hallways and looked absolutely miserable. She presented with a 6 month history of nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain.

Unfortunately, we had to ask numerous sensitive questions during the H&P. This put her under more distress because my attending and our translator were both male, and even though I was a female, I didn’t speak Spanish, so it was hard to connect with her.​ Eventually, we referred her to OB/GYN, where Natalie and Sirisha were both rotating. My patient became significantly more relaxed and much less distressed after they started conversing and reassuring her in Spanish. The change was extremely significant.

​Even though we have always talked about the importance of connecting to the patients, this was one of the instances where the importance of that was extremely apparent. It also cemented my drive to learn more Spanish, so as to better communicate with my patients in the future.

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