Ready to work – Tess Sexton

The early morning was surprisingly easy as we came down for our 545 breakfast meeting.  The trip to the airport was a world of difference since 2 years ago as they have built a bypass around the city.  This was another pleasant surprise.  On these kind of trips I find niceties to be a rare gem that should be enjoyed and appreciated, much like the sweet hats we got from LAN Airlines.  We passed the time as the airline called headquaters to approve our sizeable baggage load by playing a charadesesque game called Heads Up.  Thanks Ellen Degeneres for creating the game that gave us many a giggle.  The flight passed with efforts to drum up inspiring stories for my personal statement as well as the occasional jaw clenching game of candy crush.  We spent our afternoon unloading our suitcases at the Iquitos clinic.  The pharmacy is a breath taking example of organization.  I am so excited to see this place in action! We have laminated signs identifying each department.  I am also not ashamed to say that I got shivers when I saw the sterile gowns and drapes in the Podiatry room.  We are going to change lives here.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.

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