No greater joy than helping others – Marvin Yousef

This morning we left around 6am to go to Iquitos! We actually managed to check in around 68 people with time to spare. I actually lost sight of Ray as we were going through security and had no idea where I was after. I started sprinting when I saw his white bag in the distance and all my coins flew everywhere. Leaving them behind, I saw some kids pick them up so I hope that made their day! When we got to Iquitos, the climate was so different than the overcast, wet Lima. It was disgustingly hot, but nonetheless as beautiful with their larger palm trees. Iquitos is definitely unique as it has motor bikes, garbage, and stray dogs everywhere. The people are cheery and I see them just enjoying sitting outside eating a simple snack.

We went to set up the clinic today as well. It was super exciting setting up the rooms and separating the medications and equipment. Some Peruvian people were there and they just looked so thankful. It made me so happy because there is no greater joy than helping others as Lorenzo would put it (love that guy). We start tomorrow morning and I can’t wait! The doctors we have here are amazing and I am so grateful for them taking the time out of their busy schedules.

To end the night, we met the mayor of Iquitos and we were provided delicious food, drink, and traditional dances. The dancers were so into it and it made me want to start dancing too! They actually pulled Jon up and he started to dance. I am loving this country more and more by the day.

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