Nasopharyngoscope nerd – Bo Pang

What a great day. We had a solid 12 hours work day in clinic with Drs. Lapine and Prokop. You might be thinking, “what about that sounds so great?” Well, let me tell you. We (my colleagues Theresa, Laura, and I) had been working for months on a research project, and today was our first day putting it into fruition. On top of that, I got to use the flexible nasopharyngoscope for the first time!!! Such a nerd moment, but being able to look down a patient’s larynx with that scope had always been on my check-list. After all, I’d seen it done many times, but it definitely was a lot harder than it seemed! It almost made the entire trip worth it.

Now, in all honestly – Today is my blog day, and I feel like I’m expected to write something cheesy, but nothing else can top that flexible nasopharyngoscope for me… So I will just say this: I feel very lucky to be given this opportunity with a great group of fellow students, residents, and mentors. We’re just getting started, and it’s already been amazing. I look forward to the rest of the trip together with these amazing people, and can’t wait to see what the next 2 weeks holds.


Bo Pang

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