A world away – Brian McParland

Early Start!

It’s our 2nd full day in Lima and we’re off to our first day of rotations at Hospital Nacional Arzobispo Loayza. This hospital is the largest public hospital in Peru; serving 500,000 patients per year with a staff of 400 physicians. Walking through this complex was incredible! Each division of the hospital has its own building, so it basically looks like you’re walking through a small town. We rounded with a few different physicians learning about the different patient pathology in one of their medical wards. It was amazing to see how the  hospital was set up and what kind of conditions they work in. In the US, we are so used to having our privacy and having to abide by HIPPA laws, but here the patients are in beds lined right next to each other in one long corridor with their names printed on the foot of  the bed. With the help of some incredible translators (Sirisha and Ray) we were able to discuss each case with the attending physicians and residents and learn more about what type of diagnostic techniques they have available in Peru. I look forward to doing more rounds and seeing more patients in the days to come!

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