What a Day! – Cindy Ge

What a day! What a lovely day! Not only is today is our first full day in Lima, we got the whole day free to explore this gorgeous city! In a group of 7, Chris, Brian, Brandon, Andrea, Natalie, Dr. Blum and I set off to sightsee.
This city reminded me quite a bit of inner city Cancun, Mexico, where I have had the privilege of staying for a few weeks during my undergraduate days. The number of 20+ year-old cars, their way of driving, the rush of people, and even some of the old European-style houses all brought back nostalgic memories.
After doing some wandering around Miraflores, we stumbled upon an archaeological excavation site, Huaca Pucllana, and was able to do a tour of the site. The experience reminded me of how rich the culture in this region is, and gave me an appreciation for how far back in history it truly extended.
Everything I saw in Lima today reminded me that this society is one of multiculturalism. There is always a mix of the old and the new, as well as the native and the European in all the houses, souvenirs, and food. This realization has made me feel like I know the culture here in Peru a little more now. I believe it’s realizations like these, slowly added up, that will make me a more understanding and compassionate physician with my patients both abroad and at home in the US and Canada. I can’t wait to see what other realizations come to me during my trip!
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