World Records and Practical Jokes – Hassan Bazzi

First day out on what is going to be an amazing medical elective! And although the first day entails hours of traveling, there was some time for fun. Story 1: Chris V, or V-Money, killed it in a local restaurant in downtown Fort Lauderdale killing the record of a basketball game. Chris holds the new world record in the Fort Lauderdale area and we are all impressed.Displaying image1.PNGStory 2: After convincing the baggage claim attendant to hide Anthony’s bag, we were able to laugh and be amused to his disbelief that his bag was missing. It took him a gruesome 2 minutes and 45 seconds to finally find it. Displaying image2.PNG

Yes, this is a day of travel, but what is more important is the joy and anticipation seen on all of these wonderful faces of all the students and doctors. Everyone seems joyful and ready to embark on a medical elective that humbles us as medical professionals and allows us to care for those who otherwise would not have an opportunity to get taken care of. Go Green! Go White!

Categories: 1st Year (Class of 2016), 4th year (Class of 2013), Students, Updates from Peru

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