Lindsay 8/9

We started the morning with breakfast as usual and boarded the bus to head to the 3rd day of clinic in Iquitos. As the previous two days, a long line of patients awaited us and applauded our arrival. I spent the first half of the day working with Dr. Reidy in general medicine. We were able to help about 20 patients in the time we were together and help a wide variety of problems, including draining the fluid out of a young man’s injured knee. We used the ultrasound machine, treated infections, and more. The second part of my day was spent with Dr. Athens in podiatry. First, she performed a surgery on a “Madura foot” which was beneficial to the patient who otherwise would have been in continuous pain with increasing infection. She was able to drain the infection, clean it out, and plan for follow-up care during our stay. Afterwards I learned how to debride a venous stasis ulcer (a very common problem in Peru) and how to give injections. The things I learned today, both in general medicine and podiatry, were fascinating and useful for my future as a physician. Coupled with the amount of help and support we were allowed to give to the people of Iquitos, this mission will be unforgettable. The gratitude of the patients is humbling and I am pleased to be able to communicate with them in Spanish about their treatment, care, and well being.

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