Brett May – 8/4


My first greeting from Lima was the cliffs towering over the Pacific as we drove in late last night. However, today I was greeted by the culture and a more humanistic side of the city. When I awoke, I began the day by meeting with a travel agency we have worked with throughout the course of the medical mission. The meeting dealt with the prospect of expanding our mission to achieve more continuous care to the people of Iquitos in the future and increase the consistency with which we man the clinic throughout the year.

While the meeting was enlightening and encouraging, the main joy of the of the day arose from exploring the city and gaining a feel of the Peruvian culture. I enjoyed a local restaurant with traditional Peruvian food, conversed with several people on the street (to the limited extent of my Spanish would allow), and touring the city and ocean on foot and by swim.

While no hesitancy was in my mind to start, I now more firmly believe in the prospect and practicability of expanding out mission after meeting the Peruvian members of our team. I am left, this night, with the feelings of anticipation of working with them throughout the trip, and hopefulness for the greater impact our efforts may one day make.



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