Phil Nahirniak

Coming to Peru has been an eye opening experience for me. This is my first trip to South America and it is amazing to see all of the differences between Peru and the United States. Visiting the hospital and medical school in  Lima has given me a good perspective of what the training and facilities are like for medical students and physicians in Peru. We arrived in Iquitos three days ago and just had our second day of clinic. This is a life changing experience seeing people lined up around the building, waiting for us to help them. As we walk in, they all applaud us because they are so grateful for the care we will provide that they either cannot get to, or cannot afford. This simple applause shows just how important what we do is to these people.

This second day of clinic in the morning, I learned how to draw blood for the first time. This was very exciting and important in my medical training. The blood drawn will be used in the pediatric research project. In the afternoon, I worked in the OMM station using the skills I’ve learned in school. This is part of another research project, and every single one of the patients said their pain significantly improved after helping. I am very happy that we were able to provide this cure for most of the patient’s pain.

In the evening of today, we went to dinner on a restaurant that was floating in the Amazon river, not far from our hotel called al fuego y al frio. They served delicious  Peruvian food with an incredible view of the river.

The few days that we have been here, we have already helped several hundred people in clinic, learned about medical education and public health in Peru, and learned about the culture. It has been a life changing experience thus far, and I look forward to helping more people in need, and learning more about Peru.

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