Kelin Prokurat – Day 2

8/5 Woke up early and headed to the public hospital in Lima. Our group split in two and headed in to the patient rooms. All patients were in a large ward together. I was reminded how tiny the beds are here and how close together everyone is. The patient my group saw had been flown in from the area around Iquitos. She was 18 years old and had been admitted due to a chronic cough, weight loss, and dyspnea. She had even been treated for TB a year ago, and it was thought that she had complications from the prior infection. All cultures were negative for bacteria and her pleural fluid culture was positive for Aspergillus. She was due to have a lung resection the following day. Very interesting to see this interesting case. Fun fact, a fellow student fainted during the patient presentation. My pal Lorenzo Lim caught him on the way down and saved the day! Enjoying my trip already! Until next time. . .

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