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August 8, 2013

We arrived at Iquitos today!! This place reminds me a lot of DeHui, China, where my grandparents lived. As a little kid that grew up in China until the age of 8, it’s nostalgic to see the similarities between this city (Iquitos) and the one that I grew up in (and loved). What caught my attention the most about Iquitos were the motorcycle carts that carried people for 3 soles each. These exact same carts were such a big part of my childhood, and to see them here in Peru brought back a whelm of emotions that was very unexpected.
It’s moments like this that I really appreciate traveling – the realization that people across the world can have a lot in common – the same challenges and struggles, joy and happiness… and most importantly, the things that trigger the deeper emotions that allows us to have an inherent connection with each other even if we don’t speak the same language.

The Mayer of Iquitos mentioned at dinner today that she was very appreciative of us and our services. I wish I had enough spanish in me to tell her that it is us that should be thanking them – for providing us with the opportunity to serve, to experience, and to learn more about a different culture. I believe that a lot of the problems in our world today can be solved with a simple measure of understanding, and I strongly believe that trips like this allows me the opportunity for those types of growth. Most importantly, it allows us the opportunity to give back to the world (even if it’s minimal) – after all, we’re in a profession to serve human beings, and what does it matter if they’re from the US, Canada, Guatemala, or Peru?
Anyway, enough heart felt messages. We finally start clinic tomorrow! Cannot wait! So with that, I will be heading to bed. Night journal.

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