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My patient was in the middle of explaining his injury when a tropical storm rolled in and drenched all of us on the clinic top deck of the Amazon Queen. Oscar was the last patient of the morning so we hurried below deck to avoid the pelting rain and finish up his physical exam. Like most of the patients we saw today, he was in pain but he also had some motion restriction so I took the opportunity to introduce him to OMM. Over the last week of clinic days I discovered that the only thing harder than explaining OMM to patients is explaining it in my broken Spanish. However, the results transcend language barriers and when I rechecked his motion he denied having any pain in the joints I had been working on. Being here in the Amazon makes me really excited to be a D.O. Most of our patients need pain medication or injections to improve their function but in addition to writing them prescriptions, we can also use our hands to give them immediate relief. When I finally said goodbye to Oscar, I was actually disappointed that we had run out of clinic days just as I had become comfortable going through the history, physical and treatments in Spanish. I spent the rest of the day reading in a hammock, swinging from a massive tree and watching tribal dances but helping patients with OMM this morning was still my highlight.

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