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I love this place!  The rainforest, the river and the people we are treating are all so interesting.  Today I spent the day doing three activities.  I will start with the first, which was a few hours in a small village on the amazon river.  We set up the clinic on the boat today which was different from past days.  I was in ENT with Dr. Madgy.  It was a great experience, the doctor started with a background about some important points about ENT.  For example, always think of sphenoid sinusitis when the presenting symptom is a headache on the vertex of the head.  The population seemed to be a little better off than yesterday since they had their water brought in from an outside source, but many people still needed medical attention.  I have enjoyed my experience with all doctors especially Dr. Madgy.

The second part of the day was spent on monkey island, which will be blogged about by someone else.  We finished up the day on the river by doing some pirana fishing.  This was a great experience.  We left the Amazon river and went onto a tributary.  The guides gave us wooden poles with meat on the hook and we dropped them into the water.  I caught one pirana, but Joe was a little sad since he had fished for piranas before and Jesse caught a couple more than him.  Well that’s about all I have for today.  GO GREEN

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