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Hello from Peru! Today we went to Monkey Island. It was pretty cool. There was a spider monkey that was happy to greet us at the boat. He hopped on as soon as we got close enough to his shoreline. Once on the island the volunteers put out some “jiggly fruit” and a bunch of monkeys of all different species came to snack. Some of them were super friendly and would crawl up in your lap to hang out. Then there were some that were a tad more selfish and just invaded your personal space to steal your water bottle, but it was worth it just to get them close enough to pet. The island also had rescue animals like a howler monkey that had fallen from a tree and can no longer climb properly. They also had parrots that said “hola!” When you walk by. My favorite though was this long haired brown monkey that had a really red face. I’m sure pics of her will be up soon. She was keeping an aggressive monkey company so no one could pet her, but she ally wanted to be pet. She came close to the wire and made a little whiny sound, then she’d roll over and show you her tummy. It was easy for people to lose interest in her since she was caged and so many were roaming free, but she really touched a place in my heart and bored my friends to death by standing at her cafe so long. She was too hard to leave. She’d look you right in the eye and give the sweetest expression. She was definitely the highlight of my day, so I’ve probably rambled on, but I just had to share. Thanks for reading!

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