Blog post from Maddi! 6 Aug 2013

Maddi Massa

I started the day out a bit nervous about how the planned events would play out. We had set up two presentations on Osteopathic Principles and OMM. The first, a shorter 45 minute presentation at a local hospital and the second, a 2 hour presentation at a university in Lima. After 6 months of planning the day was finally here. The first presentation was a good trial run. We were able to introduce Osteopathy and delve a little into OMM. The doctors attending the presentations seemed genuinely interested in our philosophy. The next presentation was even better. Initially, we thought we would have a small group of 30 people and anything these Peruvian students could take away would be a success. What we walked into was a large conference room with at least 80 people ready to learn. The response we received to our teachings and demonstrations was immense. Our Spanish speaking presenters Mariam, Lauren Pitters, and Kayla Jelinek were awesome. The rest of the MSU students and docs spent the next two hours interacting one on one with all Peruvian attendees. There were so many questions and an overwhelming amount of interest in what all of us Spartans have devoted our lives to. It was a true honor to exchange information and be part of a learning environment of this size. The stress of planning and craziness of the set up didn’t even matter because to spread Osteopathy through a country that didn’t accept D.O.s until a short 5 years ago was a pleasure and a success. It was a day well spent.

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